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Women hospitalized after laughing too much

About 1 year ago



Feel Funny? But it happened: Women hospitalized after laughing too much


Have you ever laughed too much? The rolling on the floor, tears flowing down kind? Ahh…the memories.

So did this 19-year old Jessica Owen.

Being a fan of the comedian Michael McIntyre had gone to attend the opening weekend of McIntyre’s Big World Tour in her hometown of Plymouth, UK.

Only to be hospitalized later, and undergo an ECG after she experienced chest pain and numbness in her arm.

After a thorough check-up at the Derriford Hospital, doctors told Owen that her chest was inflamed due to excessive laughing.

“My chest started to really hurt with sharp pains and my arm went numb. “It was pretty scary. We decided to leave ASAP and get it checked out,” Owen was quoted as saying in a local daily.


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