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About 9 months ago

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Google Account to Be Linked With Android Messages?

The Google Account that’s vital for any Android smartphone could soon be part of text or SMS messaging as well. Google may soon either ask or allow Android users to link their primary Google Account with Android Messages. The linking could offer a comprehensive assimilation of messages that any Android smartphone receives and sends.

Google Account to Be Linked With Android Messages?

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The Android Messages app, which assimilates the text messaging on Android smartphones, could soon offer users to link their Google Account. A Google Account is used for all the secure and personalized activities on any Android smartphone. Some beta versions of the Android Messages app seem to be including an additional setting named “Google Account”. Interestingly, this setting appears to be optional. In other words, users are free to either connect a Google Account or leave the option entirely. Needless to add, this is not the usual pattern for Google. The company strongly urges all the Android smartphone users to create an account or log in to one.

How Does the Google Account Work For Android Messages?

There are only a few indicators about the setting. Many users have even reported that the setting is buggy, and doesn’t appear to do anything. It is quite likely that Google is testing the feature and the ability to connect cellular based text messaging with internet-based Google accounts and data management facilities.

However, it is quite likely that assigning a Google account with Android Messages will open up several possibilities. Many Android users have lamented about the lack of a secure method of backing up text messages. This makes it difficult for users to easily migrate or upgrade to a new device. More often than not, Android users lose these text messages when they change devices.

Attaching a Google account to Android Messages could allow Android users to automatically backup text messages. Using Google’s web-platform, users could easily search, retrieve and even recover text messages. Google recently launched a stable web interface for Android Messages. This platform should be immensely helpful when connected with a Google account primarily because Google servers can potentially store text messages for perpetuity.

Google Pixel 1, iPhone iMessages Offer Similar Functionality

Interestingly, Google’s Pixel brand of Android smartphones have had SMS backup since the launch of Pixel 1. Apple’s iMessages have long had the ability to backup text messages to the cloud. This feature made upgrading such devices a simple process.

Google hasn’t offered any official information, but industry veterans speculate adding a Google account to Android Messages is likely related to RCS (Rich Communication Services) features. It could also work with Smart Replies or any of other numerous AI-powered features that Google offers.


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