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About 8 months ago

We do many mistakes in our daily life, some of them are small and some has a great impact on our whole life, some are okay to do but some mistake you should never commit in your life.

Mistakes that you should never do in your life

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  • Never tease anyone because he or she is fat, thin or any other physical quality.
  • Never tease anyone because of his or her skin colour.
  • Never ever tease anyone for getting lesser marks and being not able to understand things swiftly, in other words based on their mental ability.
  • Never tease a beggar, a specially able person and any animal.

Mostly this type of things come back to you.

Bad habits: never keep bad habits such as like smoking, alcohol, hookah, porn, masturbation etc.


  • Never keep expectations on someone else, it really hurts.
  • Any thing can happen anytime, be ready for worst and hope for best.
  • Everything will not happen according to your plan.


  • Never get emotional in front of the person you don't know perfectly.
  • Don't surrender for love.
  • Don't get addicted to someone or something, addiction is weakness.
  • Never give someone false hope, specially in love, this is the worst mistake you could do ever.
  • Never be the reason for someone's tears, try to be the cause for smiles.
  • Never build a relation just to fill the void, karma hits back, really hard.

Respect: most important thing to decide your whole career, success, achievements etc.

  • Give respect to your parents, never ever dare to hurt them, they are the most precious gift from GOD, you don't know, but you will understand one day.


  • Never be the reason for your mother's tears, for your father's sleepless nights, this thing is very powerful, it will destroy you.

Nursing Times

  • Whoever you are, whatever you are, you will always be that sweet little 5 year kid to them.
  • Give respect to you teachers, things which help you in education such as paper, pencil, eraser, class, black board, desk, text books etc..

Self respect: this thing decides largely you own personality.

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  • Always keep yourself at the top in your hierarchy of priorities.
  • Don't say sorry,multiple times.
  • Never look down upon yourself, never underestimate yourself.
  • Don't let anyone else make important and life changing decisions for you.
  • don't stop loving yourself.
  • Try to be surrounded with people who accept the real you, instead of always insisting to change you.
  • Don't fall in love with someone just because they look good.
  • Don't make your life public.

These are some of major mistakes we do, try to avoid them, they has a real impact on your whole life, personality, success and failure.


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