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How to decrease your fat or obesity?

About 6 months ago

Today's people drink tea to read the paper in the morning and then go to the office and sit in the car.
Sitting in the office sitting at the house and sitting in the car again Then sit in the house and change the channel with the help of TV remote and fall asleep after eating.
This is the life of today's people, there is no exercise or any hard work, so people are getting fat up day by day.

 Previous people used to walk 10 km from one place to another and work hard, but it is not.
From where this energy comes or energy, this energy comes from food and its unit is calorie.

It is necessary for all these people to have calories 1600 but for the people of the labor class 3000.
Now, if we take 2000 calories in 1600 places then what will happen?

2000-1600 = 400 calories will be added to our body as we grow fat.
What is the opposite?

1600-1000 = 600 calories

We need 1600 calories but our calories should be 1000 calories, or those 600 calories will start taking from the fat accumulated in our body, so our fat will decrease.

But what to do now
1000 calories to take.

Now you will say that 1000 calories will prepare a list for him
I do not say there is no need for it.

Because I'll give a quota list of 10 to 20
You want to spend your life eating this quota

There are many foods in this world, why would they be in 20 food?

Now you will say Sir, but the few calorie people said the name of the food.

Yes this tie is Maine Point low calorie meal

Suppose there are 6 types of calories

20-vegetables, salad, broth
100- rice, bread, mango, banana, potato
500- Fried Foods
100-fat or oils

so minimum calorie used and weight loss  


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